Frangelico Italian Hazelnut Liqueur 750ml

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Frangelico is a premium Italian hazelnut liqueur distilled from locally grown Piedmont hazelnuts and infused with rich cocoa and vanilla. The legend of Frangelico is based on the presence of early nature-loving Christian monks, living in the hills of the Piedmont area of Northern Italy in the 17th century. It is named after the hermit, Father (Fra.) Angelico, who personified the life of those times. Frangelico's irresistibly delicious hazelnut taste and its classic heritage make this product truly remarkable and unlike any other. Being a traditional liqueur, it is enjoyed neat, over ice, with coffee, or in a wide variety of stylish cocktails.

40 Proof

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  • Scott Amundsen

    Soft, smooth, and delicious with the fragrance and flavor of hazelnuts, Frangelico can be enjoyed over crushed ice or neat (which is the way we prefer it). But no matter what your choice, this singular liqueur is quite unlike anything else in its class and should make a great addition to your bar.

    9th Aug 2017