Fou-Dre Premiere Ultra Premium Vodka 750ml

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FOU-DRE is not just flavored vodka, but vodka with FLAVOR! This ultra-premium infused boutique vodka denotes exclusivity. It is the vodka brand for the bold individual with a penchant for life, the socialite with the discerning palate, and the avant-garde mind of the fashion forward elite, ever pushing the envelope! FOU-DRE, French for lightning, unleashes a foray of flavor penetrating your taste buds with an infusion of 100% fruit flavors, an exotic dance of pomegranate and ginger notes!

Produced in N. Charleston, South Carolina; The TerrePURE process is a patented, revolutionary technology that "naturally" produces a smooth, clean taste and a flavorful, ultra-premium spirit. The all-natural process removes harsh tasting Congeners leaving a smooth, crisp, clean, finish to the spirit. This distinctive vodka can be enjoyed neat over ice or mixed as vodka was originally intended.

80 Proof
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