Evangeline's Praline Pecan Liqueur 750ml

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A smooth, rich, mixable liqueur that is a great addition to many cocktails and recipes. Praline's distinct pecan flavor tastes excellent on the rocks, simply with milk, mixed in coffee, or in a variety of signature cocktails. The Pearl of Praline combines Praline, coconut liqueur, cream, and a touch of nutmeg for a tasty after dinner treat. For something that warms you up, try a Praline Sundown which simply combines Praline and hot chocolate.

42 Proof

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  • John C

    1/2 cup in a half gallon of homemade butter pecan ice cream keeps the ice cream from freezing rock hard and sends the flavor over the top. Also allows you to cut back on the sugar a bit.

    16th Mar 2019
  • Linda

    Had some when in New Orleans and loved it. I had received a bottle for Christmas and everyone else loved it too! Empty

    23rd Jan 2019

    Love this. Very sweet but over ice/sipped, in coffee simply delicious.

    10th Jan 2019
  • Karen

    Had to order - not available in PA. Needed to make a pecan praline Chex mix. It is delicious. Will use it for special occasions since the delivery costs as much as the product. Will probably order again when it is gone.

    7th Jan 2019
  • Fred Dyson

    Really loved the taste while in New Orleans and now here in the northwest. After sipping up the bottle we bought there I went to your website and ordered two bottles for Xmas. Accepted well and enjoyed immensely.. Very good in the Nog.

    26th Dec 2018
  • Ann Kroh- Hughes

    It is the best! Unable to buy in PA. Tried for the first time on trip to New Orleans. Share it with friends. It is always a hit!!

    24th Apr 2018
  • Wendy

    Just delicious.

    13th Apr 2018
  • susan

    this stuff is wonderful and very reasonably priced. regrettably the shipping is horrendous. shipping cost more than the product! unfortunately i cannot get it locally so i am a captive audience.

    15th Mar 2018