Don Julio

Let's get to know the first tequila distillery to make premium tequilas! The Don Julio brand has exploded in popularity since its start and continues to pave the way for other tequila brands.

Here's a little bit about Don Julio, his journey towards tequila-making, the tequilas that Don Julio offers, and Don Julio cocktails! There's always time for some cocktail recipes!

Don Julio & the Tequila-Making Journey

When did the Don Julio brand get its start? If you guessed 1942, you would be right.

The Don Julio story began in 1942 when a young Don Julio González started making tequila. But before any tequila-making, he needed to secure a loan to get started. It didn't take long. After sharing his dream with a businessman in the area, he got the funds to start tequila-making. And that's when the journey really began.

The Don Julio story is set where almost every tequila story is, the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, where the climate is perfect for growing the agaves to make the finest tequila. For the next 40 years, Don Julio Gonzalez would work painstakingly hard, and the hard would pay off. But he didn't do it alone. The Jimador family worked with Don Julio for three generations. They were masters when it came to planting, harvesting, and farming, and their mastery of the craft helped the Don Julio brand excel.

González passion for tequila-making is next level. He wanted to hone his craft of tequila-making, and it worked. Don Julio is known to be the first luxury tequila to take over. What Don Julio created was exceptional and continues to pave the way for the tequila industry. It all came from an unrelenting passion for mastering the art that is tequila-making.

The Tequilas

Don Julio has eight different tequilas in its masterful collection!

Like most tequila brands, Don Julio has three essentials: Don Julio Blanco, Don Julio Reposado, and Don Julio Añejo. They're smooth, rich, and versatile. Enjoy them over ice or in a refreshing cocktail!

Next, we have the Don Julio 70 Cristalino. The Cristalino is special. It was released to honor Don Julio González's 70th year of tequila-making. It's the first clear Añejo. Double distilled and aged for eighteen months, the Don Julio 70 Cristalino is crisp, complex, and rich in flavor. It's a unique experience you should try if you haven't already.

Next, we have Don Julio Ultima Reserva. The Ultima Reserva comes in a beautiful, long bottle and honors the Don Julio family and the planting of their final agave field. It's an Extra Añejo that's aged for thirty-six months. The aging happens under a Solera system, making it truly exceptional.

The Don Julio Primavera is a limited edition release that ages briefly in European orange wine casks to embody citrus's sophistication. Named after the Don Julio Distillery, La Primavera, this bottle is a decadent Reposado to honor the Don Julio founder's love of Reposado.

And finally, what many believe to be the star of the Don Julio brand, we have the infamous, well-known Don Julio 1942. 1942 is produced in small batches and aged for two and a half years. It's the definition of rich and smooth with a rich vanilla finish. It's an icon found in the hands of celebrities and the most sought-after restaurants. It tastes outstanding, straight and chilled, but if you want to get fancy, it makes a remarkable base for a cocktail. Don Julio 1942 is a tequila bottle everyone has in their liquor cabinet.

It's Cocktail Time!

We all know tequila is remarkable on its own and chilled! It's perfect for sipping, and it's even better for shots. But tequila makes some spectacular cocktails, too! So, let's make some Don Julio cocktails!

Stay tuned for a twist on the Old-Fashioned and a spicy way to enjoy a Margarita!

Tequila Old-Fashioned

Here's an elevated way to enjoy some Don Julio Reposado.

  • 2 parts Don Julio Reposado

  • 1 teaspoon agave nectar

  • 2-3 dashes of Angostura bitters or Orange bitters

  • 1 orange twist


If you have a large ice cube, now is the time to use it!

In a rocks glass, add your large ice cube, Don Julio Reposado, agave nectar, and bitters. Stir thoroughly using a bar spoon until chilled.

Garnish with an orange twist, and enjoy!

Jalapeño Margarita

There's a reason that margaritas are consistently the world's favorite cocktail! They're refreshing and mouth-watering. They're also highly versatile. Change it up with whatever you like: watermelon, pomegranate, and even jalapeño.

Here's a margarita recipe with the right amount of kick for spice lovers! You'll need the following:

  • 2 parts Don Julio Blanco Tequila

  • 1 part orange liqueur

  • 1 part fresh lime juice

  • Agave nectar (adjust to taste)

  • A few jalapeño slices

  • Some coarse salt

  • A few Lime wedges


Start by preparing your margarita glass by running a lime wedge across the rim and dipping it in coarse salt.

In a cocktail shaker, add your Don Julio Blanco Tequila, orange liqueur, fresh lime juice, agave nectar, jalapeño slices, and a handful of ice. Make sure your jalapeño slices are seeded unless you want an extra spicy margarita. Shake thoroughly!

Strain into your prepared cocktail glass over a handful of ice. Serve and enjoy!