Diplomatico Planas Blanco Extra Anejo Venezuelan Rum 750ml

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Due to Venezuelan law, rum cannot be bottled until it is as least two years old. However, in this case some of the rums are aged up to six years. The blend is then charcoal filtered up to six times, removing all colour and creating a very refined, smooth white rum, perfect for mixing a mojito or daiquiri. A very unique white rum.

  • Nose - Sweet initially, with marshmallows and barley sugar picking up pleasantly sour citrus notes as the rum sits in the glass. Buttery notes and a hint of mint develop over time.
  • Palate - The barley sugar from the nose leads on the palate, closely followed by candied citrus zest and sherbert lemons. Rich toffee notes come in behind that, contrasting with peppermint creams and grassy spice.
  • Finish - Short and sweet, with a burst of fluffy marshmallow quickly fading to soft spice and a hint of clove.
  • Comment - A rich and flavorsome white rum, with a pleasantly oil texture, well-balanced sweetness and an intriguing herbal note. A good sipper with enough character to make its presence known in cocktails.
92 Proof

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