Crystal Head Pride (by Dan Aykroyd) Vodka 750ml

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Crystal Head Pride Vodka (by Dan Aykroyd): Celebrate Diversity with a Spirit of Excellence

Discover the vibrant and pure taste of Crystal Head Pride Vodka, a premium spirit crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Created by renowned actor and entrepreneur Dan Aykroyd, this vodka is a celebration of diversity and inclusivity, embodying the essence of unity and exceptional quality. Perfect for discerning vodka enthusiasts, Crystal Head Pride Vodka offers a smooth and sophisticated drinking experience.

Superior Craftsmanship and Quality

Crystal Head Pride Vodka is made from the highest quality Canadian corn and pristine water sourced from deep aquifers in Newfoundland. This vodka undergoes a meticulous quadruple distillation process to ensure exceptional purity and smoothness. The spirit is then filtered seven times, including three passes through Herkimer diamonds, which enhance its pristine quality and unique character. The result is a vodka that is both elegant and refined, with a clean, crisp finish.

Exquisite Flavor Profile

The standout feature of Crystal Head Pride Vodka is its exquisite flavor profile. With subtle notes of sweet grain, vanilla, and a hint of citrus, it offers a velvety texture that is both luxurious and smooth. Whether sipped neat, enjoyed on the rocks, or used as a base for premium cocktails, Crystal Head Pride Vodka delivers a truly remarkable and sophisticated drinking experience.

Rich History of the Crystal Head Distillery

Crystal Head Vodka was founded in 2008 by Dan Aykroyd and artist John Alexander, with a mission to create a pure and additive-free vodka. The brand is produced in Newfoundland, Canada, a region known for its crystal-clear water and pristine natural environment. The distillery combines traditional vodka-making techniques with modern innovations to create a spirit of unparalleled quality.

The iconic skull-shaped bottle, designed by John Alexander, reflects the brand's commitment to creativity and excellence. The Pride edition features a striking rainbow-colored finish, celebrating diversity and inclusivity. This dedication to artistry and craftsmanship has made Crystal Head Vodka a favorite among collectors and vodka connoisseurs alike.

Tasting Notes

  • Appearance: Crystal clear with a vibrant rainbow-colored bottle
  • Nose: Subtle aromas of sweet grain, vanilla, and a hint of citrus
  • Palate: Smooth and velvety, with delicate flavors of sweet grain, vanilla, and a touch of citrus
  • Finish: Clean and elegant, with a lingering smoothness and sophistication

Perfect for Every Occasion

Crystal Head Pride Vodka is perfect for any occasion, whether you're celebrating a special event, hosting an elegant dinner party, or simply enjoying a quiet evening at home. Its sophisticated flavor profile and luxurious finish make it an ideal choice for those who appreciate high-quality spirits and the values of diversity and inclusivity.

Key Details

  • Proof: 80 (40% ABV)
  • Packaging: Please note, this item is not shipped in the original packaging.

Experience the purity and craftsmanship of Crystal Head Pride Vodka. With its rich history and commitment to excellence, Crystal Head Vodka continues to set the standard for premium vodka. Order your bottle today and savor the refined and elegant taste that Crystal Head Pride Vodka offers in every sip.

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