Crown Royal

What is the top-selling Canadian whisky on the market?

That would be Crown Royal Whisky!

Let's jump right into the fascinating start of Crown Royal, the different Crown Royal Whisky Series, some lovely flavored whisky recipes, and finally, get to know all about the Crown Royal Ready-To-Drink canned cocktails!

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky

The Crown Royal whisky brand started on what some would call odd circumstances. Crown Royal's first exquisite blend of Canadian whisky was made as a gift. In 1939, the whisky was a gift to King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, the King and Queen of England. The idea behind the whisky was to create a spirit fit for royalty.

After reviewing more than 600 different whisky blends, Crown Royal was gifted to the King and Queen. Fifty different whisky blends would eventually make up Crown Royal Canadian whisky.

Crown Royal continues to uphold itself to the same standard. It's a whisky fit for royalty.

It wasn't until 1960 that the delicious Canadian whisky made its way over to the United States of America, but it quickly snowballed and grew in popularity. Crown Royal remains the top-selling Canadian whisky sold in the United States.

The brand that started as a gift to royalty has become one of the most sought-after Canadian whiskies around the world.

The Crown Royal Series

The Crown Royal collection is categorized into three different series.

We have the Signature Series, Master Series, and Flavor Series.

If you happen to be looking for Crown Royal Texas Mesquite or Crown Royal Honey, they are currently retired along with a few other Crown Royal bottles.

Signature series

The Signature Series consists of Crown Royal Whisky that you typically see and are already familiar with. This collection includes the Crown Royal Black Deluxe, Rye, and Blender's Mash.

Master Series

The Master Series is a complex, rich whisky collection that is aged perfectly. Whiskies like the Crown Royal 18YR Extra Rare and the Crown Royal 29YR Extra Rare are part of the Master Series. They tend to be more intense but are every whisky collector's dream.

flavor Series

Now, it's no secret that Crown Royal is well-known for its distinctive flavored whisky. They have four mouth-watering options to choose from. You'll get to know Crown Royal Peach and Crown Royal Regal Apple in a bit with some delicious cocktail recipes! Crown Royal Vanilla is another warm, smooth flavor, and perfect for sipping on or in a decadent cocktail. And finally, Crown Royal Salted Caramel is perfectly balanced with its savory-sweet nature.

Flavored Whisky Cocktails

Crown Royal Regal Apple and Crown Royal Peach are two major contenders for the Crown Royal brand. The two flavors are among the top-selling of the entire collection. So, of course, this leads us to some cocktail recipes that will only elevate the already great flavored whiskies.

Here are two delicious ways to spice up your whisky sipping.

Apple Mule

Who's ready for a Whisky Mule with the crisp apple flavor of regal gala apples? It's the perfect cocktail for those who like a slightly tart, subtly sweet refreshment. There's also a light spice that you can't miss. Here's what you'll need for this crisp cocktail:

  • 2 parts Crown Royal Regal Apple

  • 4 parts ginger beer

  • Sprig of mint

  • Apple Slice


This one is as simple as it comes. Get your copper mug out if you want your Apple Mule to look like a classic Moscow Mule.

In your copper mug, add a handful of ice, Crown Royal Regal Apple, and ginger beer. Stir thoroughly.

Garnish with a sprig of mint and apple slice. Serve and enjoy!

Peach Mint Julep

The Crown Royal Peach Whisky is spectacular in Mint Julep form. It's incredibly refreshing and flavorsome. And best of all, it's relatively simple with very few ingredients. Here's what you'll need:

  • 2 parts Crown Royal Peach Whisky

  • Angostura Bitters

  • 5 mint leaves

  • Sprig of mint


Because the Peach Whisky is already sweet, you will want to opt out of the simple syrup you typically use in a Mint Julep.

Right into your serving glass, add your Crown Royal Peach, two dashes of Angostura bitters, five mint leaves, and a handful of crushed ice. Stir thoroughly until well-chilled.

Garnish using a sprig of mint. Serve and enjoy! It's refreshing from the mint and as sweet as fresh Georgia peaches.

Ready-To-Drink Cocktails

Crown Royal makes some excellent and easy ready-to-drink options. All you have to do is pop it in the fridge until it's nice and chilled or pour it over ice. It's as easy as that.

Crown Royal has four canned cocktails: Peach Tea, Washington Apple, Whisky & Cola, and Whisky Lemonade.

If you liked the idea of the cocktails above but want the cocktail without the hassle, the Crown Royal Ready-To-Drink cocktails are canned cocktails you must try.

The Peach Tea is perfect for enjoying poolside if you like a nicely brewed tea with spiked peach goodness. The Washington Apple is a refreshing combination of crisp apple and sparkling cranberry.

And it's all at your fingertips!