Colglazier & Hobson Sorgrhum Sweet White Spirit 750ml

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"Sorgrhum" is the original handrafted American spirit, made from 100% sweet sorghum cane syrup. Sweet Sorghum is an antique sugar source, grown across the Midwest and South for a century before cheaper, heavily refined sugar was import from the tropics. Still grown in small quanities today, farmers craft their batches one at a time, pressing the fresh juice from the cane, then boiling it down to a thick , deeply sweet and earthy syrup. Colglazier & Hobson Distilling Company hand-selects their sweet sorghum from Amish sources in Indiana and family farms across the heartland, then ferments and distills it to create a true American spirit. Try Sorgrhum in your favorite rum or whiskey cocktail, with soda, on the rocks, or served neat.

86 Proof

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