Ciroc Honey Melon Vodka 750ml

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CIROC HONEY MELON is the latest limited-edition release, meticulously created using vodka derived from exquisite French grapes, which imparts a unique citrus flavor. This exceptional vodka is skillfully infused with the essence of melon, honey, and other natural flavors, resulting in a truly remarkable taste experience.
  • Nose - Indulge in the delightful aroma of luscious, green melon, accompanied by subtle floral undertones and a touch of sweet honey.
  • Taste - Savor the invigorating and unparalleled fusion of sweet melon, complemented by gentle hints of tropical notes and honey flavors.
  • Finish - Conclude your journey with the lingering taste of sweet and revitalizing green melon, leaving behind a distinct citrus sensation.
  • 70 Proof
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