Carpano Botanical Bitter 1L

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Carpano Botanic Bitter is the product of a careful selection of ten aromatic herbsthat are infused with traditional method to reach a balanced taste of all the botanical components. Discover the bright ruby-colored Carpano Botanic Bitter and dive into its unique taste, initially sweet, yet balanced with flavors of citrus and plantains, and with a hint of barley, fresh almonds and essential oils of orange peels not yet fully ripe. It leaves an aftertaste of white turmeric, very similar to a delicate ginger infusion, which is followed by long notes of bitterness from myrrh and gentian. Delicate hints of cinchona create a pleasantly pungent finish.

50 Proof

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  • 5

    .....and slightly less expensive considering it's a litre. It's a little lighter in flavor, very similar bitterness and flavor profile.

    23rd May 2024