Bruichladdich Octomore 14.3 Islay Single Malt Scotch 750ml

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Octomore 14.3 is distilled from barley grown on Islay, on one singular farm just two miles from Bruichladdich Distillery. Matured in a combination of first fill ex American whiskey casks and second fill wine casks, the oak influences but never dominates the grain - capturing the terroir and unique flavour of the Islay barley. Aromas of hot, sweet mash are unmistakable on the nose, with soft biscuit notes of malted barley, butterscotch, honeycomb and smouldering peat.
  • Nose: Transporting you to the Bruichladdich Distillery courtyard, the aromas of hot, sweet mash are unmistakable on the nose. This soft, biscuity malt is followed by peat smoke and an assortment of sweet, stoned fruits, with ripe apricots, peach and honey-drizzled pears. Candied lemon peels add a hint of citrus, balanced with butterscotch, honeycomb, chocolate and vanilla ice cream.
  • Taste: Delicate oak notes immediately come through, followed by the presence of smouldering peat. Floral hints of gorse and honeysuckle rise above the malty Islay-grown barley, which is rich and sweet with creamy porridge and cereal notes. The structure of the French oak, together with the sweet vanilla and toffee of the American oak, combine beautifully, bringing a harmonious balance to the palate.
  • Finish: Malted barley and earthy smoke dominate, followed by lingering notes of sweet barley sugar. Caramel and vanilla add a final touch of rounded sweetness.
  • 122.8 Proof
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