Bols Elderflower Liqueur 750ml

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Bols Elderflower is a clear liqueur made by using the cream colored honey scented blossoms of the elder tree, also called the sambucus nigra. Bols Elderflower has the perfect balance in sweetness, taste and alcohol content. It is the ideal ingredient for famous cocktails such as the Elderflower Collins and is also delicious over ice or served long with tonic water.

30 Proof

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  • Kevin

    Just like the stuff in the fancy bottle but costs half the price good deal and you can make all the same elderflower cocktails, curiously there are a few extra ounces in this bottle. If you take a funnel and pour this stuff in the fancy bottle all of it wont fit meaning that fancy bottle is designed to cheat you out of an ounce or two

    31st May 2018