Blue Nun 24K Gold Edition Sparkling NV

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Wine Tasting Notes
Blue Nun 24K GOLD EDITION is a delicious sparkling wine which is light and elegant with a touch of delicious fruitiness. It achieves its effervescence through a centuries old fermentation process and to highlight the natural bubbles we add genuine approved real 24K gold flakes.

The 24K Gold Edition is a great aperitif or accompaniment to light meals and hors d'oeuvres. It is the perfect sparkling wine for special occasions, celebrations or just for fun!

Alcohol 11.0%

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  • Monica

    A FUN & Very refreshing and a well balanced white blend! Great for any Celebration!

    17th Feb 2019
  • Thomas G

    An excellent wine for the price, lite fruity bubbly. Good with anything savory

    31st Dec 2018
  • The Dark Family Women!

    An excellent beverage that adds fun to any occasion!

    23rd Oct 2018
  • Ambrose

    One of the most elegant and fun sparkling wine for parties.

    8th Sep 2018
  • Sheldridge Jones

    My 24K Gold Sparkling Wine is one of the best adult beverages I've experienced. It's lite, refreshing, and fun to drink.

    11th Mar 2018