10th January, 2023

Moonshine: Great American Spirits Alcohol

Moonshine: Great American Spirits Alcohol-cover

The convenience of ordering alcohol online means that you can try brands and varieties you might not have been able to discover otherwise. Let's take moonshine, for example. Moonshine is an alcoholic drink with deep roots in American culture. It is characterized by a high proof, a corn base, and a transparent or amber appearance.

Here at Liquorama, we've taken this historic backcountry liquor and placed it on the virtual shelves of our store. We carry a wide variety of brands and flavors, most of which come in the traditional, rustic charm of mason jars or jugs to enhance the high-proof spirits drinking experience. Our San Gabriel Valley wine and liquor store is open to the public, or you can shop with us online. Please browse our website to view our extensive inventory of moonshine, or its close relative whiskey, and place an order with us today.

What Is Moonshine?

Moonshine was originally a slang term for illegally distilled spirits with a high proof. In 1791, the government began taxing whiskey manufacturing, thereby making the production of home liquor illegal. To avoid being discovered and paying taxes, the liquor distillation process was done secretly under the cover of night by the light of the moon. That's why the resulting booze was referred to as "moonshine."

The origin of moonshine can be traced back to the 18th century, where there is early evidence of immigrants from Scotland and Ireland introducing the first batches of a homemade spirit to the land before it was even a country. This historically significant liquor is now legally available and has gained enormous popularity among younger people in recent years. Nowadays, distillers throughout the United States are reclaiming the label "moonshine" for their products, bringing the once-underground spirit out of the backcountry, into taste-testing rooms, and eventually, your home. It has quickly become one of America's most beloved distilled beverages.

What's in Moonshine?

Traditional American moonshine is made from a fruit or grain mash that combines corn, malted barley, and sometimes spiced rye. Moonshiners would mix the ingredients of warm water, yeast, and probiotic bacteria like those found in yogurt to make a sour mash.

Unlike beer or wine, moonshine requires distillation. Alcohol is distilled from the mixed ingredients materials through a fermentation process in a still to extract natural sugar. To create a potent alcoholic beverage, the fermented liquid is distilled using heat and collected in a separate container. As pure alcohol and ethanol are highly volatile, it is not recommended that you attempt distillation at home.

Your first experience with moonshine should be sipping it straight. Moonshine typically has a slightly sweet taste with hints of corn. When you try this intoxicating alcoholic drink, you won't forget the experience for a long time. Depending on the alcohol content, tasting moonshine is similar to sampling a spirit right from the still. There are some milder alcohols in our collection, and drinking them plain from the bottle or served with ice is not as difficult as some of our more potent offerings.

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Liquorama stocks every major moonshine brand, so feel free to come in search of your favorite drink. Aside from that, we provide a variety of other liquors such as beer, wine, vodka, gin, brandy, rum, whiskey, hard cider, and more. Our entire range of spirits alcohol is available to order online for affordable prices.