19th January, 2022

Let's Get Acquainted With Slane Irish Whiskey

Irish Whiskey
Slane Irish Whiskey
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Looking to enlighten your taste buds with a bold and smooth Irish whiskey? Slane Irish Whiskey might be the whiskey for you.

Distilled at the Slane Castle estate, Slane Irish Whiskey is a triple cask blend that brings together the likeness of both malt and grain whiskeys. The whiskey combines notes of banana, vanilla, butterscotch, dried stone fruits, and subtle baking spice to create an effortless flavor. The combination leaves you tasting different notes after each sip, providing you with multiple experiences.

Whether Slane Irish Whiskey is enjoyed neat or on the rocks, mixed with soda or orange and ginger, alongside a pint, or inside an Espresso Martini, Slane Irish Whiskey has a diverse profile that can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways.

Two Families and Their History

Two families are responsible for the success of Slane Irish Whiskey. It seems that when you bring the Conyngham family and Brown-Forman together, you have no choice but to create something exceptional.

Major General Henry Conyngham purchased the land that would eventually hold Slane Castle and the distillery in 1703. Built near the banks of the Boyne River, the water source has proven to be beneficial in the whiskey-making process. As of 2017, the castle has been home to the distilling process of Slane Irish Whiskey.

The Brown family comes from a long line of whiskey-making. Shortly after Brown began making whiskey, he partnered up with Forman, his accountant at the time. They have been in the business for 147 years. They have, without a doubt, mastered the craft. If the two names sound familiar side by side, it's because Brown and Forman own the widely known Jack Daniel’s Distillery. They're the real deal.

With the historic land provided by the Conynghams and the mastery that Brown-Forman brought to the table, Slane Irish Whiskey had no choice but to be unique.

slane irish wiskey bottle on top of of cask barrel

The Whiskey-Making Process

The process is just as fascinating as the two families responsible for it, and maybe even a little unconventional. The three casks used in the distillation process consist of virgin oak casks, seasoned Tennessee whiskey casks, and Oloroso sherry casks. The three combined create a smooth complexity- a perfect blend.

The barley is always Irish. It is always sustainably sourced and oftentimes even made at the Slane Castle estate. First, the fermentation process always takes place in traditional wooden washbacks. The whiskey washes are always fermented for longer to develop the richness of the flavors. Next, the whiskey is triple-distilled in handcrafted copper stills. After that, as mentioned above, the whiskey is triple casked and waits to mature. Then finally, it's time to blend the three different cask types.

And voila, you have Slane Irish Whiskey.

The Footprint

The Slane Distillery is keen on reducing its carbon footprint. Last year, they planted 14,000 trees near one of their barley production fields. A catchment system was installed to catch and store rainwater from the roof of the distillery, reducing the amount of water they draw from the Boyne River. Renewable energy is one of their main focuses and has already made way with their anaerobic digester. The anaerobic digester takes distillation by-products and converts them into biogas. The biogas will eventually be used to heat the stills and ultimately reduce their carbon emissions. And finally, the Slane Distillery aims to be zero waste in the future. They are committed to participating in Ireland’s sustainability program.

So there you have it. Two different families with ideals that align. The historic land and the whiskey-making mastery. A unique distilling process. An eco-conscious distillery. Slane Irish Whiskey. I’d say it’s worth a try!