Belvedere Polish Rye Vodka 750ml Rated 92

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Belvedere Polish Rye Vodkais clear with a faint marshmallow and stone nose. A round entry leads to a very smooth, oily medium-bodied palate with tasty confectioner's sugar and talc notes. Finishes very cleany with a light peppery fade and a hint lemon peel and salt. Very stylish and perfect for maritnis.(

80 Proof
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  • JustAnotherAlcoholic

    When you categorize Vodka, there are three tiers that you put them into: Rotgut, Standard and Premium. Belvedere launched as one of the premium brands of Vodka, along with Grey Goose and Kettle One. Even today, their quality of Vodka still keeps them in elite company and getting this quality of Vodka for such a reasonable price is astounding! Stock up while the prices are still good and your liver will thank you.

    6th Dec 2018