Bargetto Chaucer's Pomegranate Mead

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Wine Tasting Notes
CHAUCER'S Pomegranate Mead is crisp, fruity and refreshing. The flavor of this wine explodes with pomegranate and honeysuckle. The wine is a blend of our CHAUCER'S Mead and a smaller portion of Pomegranate Wine. Less sweet than our regular Mead, this wine finishes with a lingering crisp pomegranate and honeysuckle impression. A blend of honey wine and fruit such as pomegranate is known as Melomel. This blend of fruit and honey has been enjoyed for centuries. Although this wine exhibits richness similar to a fine liqueur, this dessert-style beverage is not fortified and contains only 11% alcohol. To enjoy the full qualities of this wine, it should be consumed shortly after purchase.
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