Baardseth XO Petite Champagne Single Cru Cognac 750ml

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Baardseth XO Petite Champagne Single Cru is a blend of Cognacs aged 10 to 20 years, exclusively selected for their great elegance, typical of this terroir. We favor aging these Cognacs in humid, stable temperature cellars; carefully selecting specific "small grain" French oak casks, with light toasting.
  • Color - Amber, copper and golden glints.
  • Nose - Powerful, overwhelming nose, showing a great complexity from the start with a perfectly aligned balance of minerality and dry fruit notes; prunes, hint of crystallized citrus, blond tobacco and humid cellar, nice cognac rancio.
  • Palate - Just as the nose, great flavorful start combining fruitiness, minerality and delicious oxidized hints (typical cognac rancio). Nice, light cigar box and old cellar hints adding some spiciness on the finish. Soft, smooth and long finish.
  • 86 Proof
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