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Created to change the way people think about gin, Aviation American Gin is made in the traditional dry style with anything but a traditional flavor profile. Aviation explores the rich, floral and savory notes of lavender, cardamom, and sarsaparilla to capture the lushness, spice, creativity, and freshness of the Pacific Northwest. This harmonious blend allows the craft spirit to shine on its own as well as when mixed in vintage drinks or contemporary culinary cocktails.

Aviation American Gin is naturally gluten free and made with 100% non-GMO neutral grain spirit.

84 Proof

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  • trick bag

    It has good ingredients and I have researched Ryan Reynolds efforts in Oregon, yet I find there is much 'bite' with this gin. Maybe from the 86 proof.

    11th Jan 2019
  • 3

    I would not buy again.

    5th Jun 2018