Austin Cocktails Bergamot Orange Margarita Cocktail 750ml

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Of all our cocktails, the Perfect Bergamot Orange Margarita took us the longest to make. After three years exploring flavors and flavor combinations worthy of a top shelf margarita, bergamot orange fatefully found us. This highly complex, citrus fruit is more sour than sweet and preserves the deep taste of the Blanco tequila, while softening its most pucker-inducing layer. To keep both the taste and body from being weighed down by sweet ingredients, we created our own natural triple sec with dramatically less sugar. We then upgraded to an exotic lime with less bite than the traditional Persian lime allowing essential oils from the rind and bright citrus to balance the smokiness of the tequila. Organic, golden agave gives the cocktail just the right amount of body.

30 Proof

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