AsomBroso EROS Reposado Tequila 750ml

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We use only the finest Blue Weber agave, grown in rich volcanic soil of Jalisco and tended to by skilled agave farmers. Our tequila undergoes a unique 9 month aging process, that starts with the barrel staves being coated with the sweetness of cooked agave that has been caramelized into the wood of our "11 Year-Vintage" barrels. Using estate-grown pinas the tequila is then added to the barrels, which are gently rolled to enhance the natural oak and agave flavors. After resting for 9 months, the result is our reposado tequila, Eros: a sweet, flavorful spirit with a light amber hue, ideal for sipping, on the rocks, or in cocktails.

Housed in a ceramic decanter with a ceramic and chrome top.

Master Distiller Ricardo Gamarra managed the complete creation method of Eros. Presenting a matured and bolder expression with an extensive finish of French Oak, exotic spices, and a true agave sweetness that will make you crave another sip. Kosher Certified.

80 Proof
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