Altos Las Hormigas Mendoza Blanco 2022 Rated 90WE

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Wine Advocate Review
Rated 90
The 2022 Blanco is an unoaked blend of 52% Sémillon, 28% Chenin Blanc and 20% Pedro Giménez from old parral vineyards in San Carlos on deep soils that provide freshness. It has only 11.5% alcohol and very good freshness and acidity. It's mostly from 80-year-old vines in the Valle de Uco that were harvested early, and the wine matured in concrete for six months. It's a little austere, not aromatic; the Pedro Giménez was harvested very early to avoid its terpenic side. They are still looking for what the old timers did with the traditional varieties; they are looking for sapidity. It's clean and sharp, balanced, with the varieties integrated and with a tasty finish. This is ethereal, dry and chalky. Drinking Window 2022-2026.

Wine Tasting notes
Altos Las Hormigas Mendoza Blanco is a vibrant combination of Semillon and Chenin Blanc, two classic grape varieties from Mendoza's unique Terroir. This wine displays a luminous yellow hue with hints of gold. The aroma is rich and lively, featuring strong citric scents, along with hints of pineapple and peach. Delicate floral undertones, particularly orange blossom, add to the aromatic complexity. The palate is refreshing, thanks to its well-balanced acidity and a touch of minerality that provides a subtle tension. The wine finishes with a lasting impression, highlighted by the prominent citric flavors. This delightful wine is perfect for savoring on its own as a bold aperitif or pairing with white meats, light sauces, and various seafood options from both ocean and river sources.

52% Semillon, 28% Chenin Blanc, 20% Pedro Gimenez
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