Agavero Tequila Liqueur 750ml Rated 90-95WE

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Wine Enthusiast Review
Rated 90-95
Amontillado Sherry-like harvest-gold hue. Surface aromas ring with agave herbal-vegetal perfume while base scents feature wood resin, carnations, key lime and asparagus. Polite, moderately sweet at palate entry, then the taste turns keenly herbaceous at midpalate. Finishes sweet.(Wine Enthusiast)

Anejo and Reposado Tequila blended with Agavero's secret ingredient, the essence of Damiana Flower, a flower indigenous to the hot mountains of Jalisco. Agavero's unique and wonderful combination offers a scintillating aroma for the nose transcended only by the rich and flavorful character for the palate.


Mexican Margarita
Lime slice
Coarse salt (optional)
1 ½ oz Tequila
1oz Agavero
1oz lime juice
Moisten the rim of a cocktail glass with the lime lice. Press the rim into the salt. In a shaker, combine the remaining ingredients with ice. Mix and strain into the glass. Garnish with the lime slice.
Playa del Sol
1 ½ oz Agavero
1 tablespoon banana liqueur
1 oz lime juice
1 scoop crushed ice
Combine all ingredients in a blender & blend at medium speed until smooth. Pour the blend into a chilled whiskey sour glass.
Note: Can also add strawberries or peaches for different flavors.
Mexican Cosmopolitan
2oz OP Vodka
1oz Agavero
Splash Cranberry
Splash lime juice 
Lots of ice.
Mexican Gimlet
1 1/2oz Agavero 
1oz Lime juice
Lime Wedge 
Pour tequila and lime juice into an old fashioned glass with ice cubes, stir well and garnish with lime wedge.
Fill a shot glass with Agavero
Coat a lime slice with sugar
After you drink the shot (all in one, hence Machismo) lick the lime with sugar for a sweet ending.

Frozen Gringo
6 ounces Agavero
1 can (6 ounces) frozen cranberry juice concentrate
3 ounces raspberry liqueur
Combine all ingredients in blender. Add ice cubes and continue to blend until thick and slushy. Pour the blend into a chilled wineglass.
Raspberry Margarita
1 ½ oz Tequila
1oz Agavero
1oz lime juice
½ cup frozen raspberries
In a blender, combine all the ingredients, except fresh fruit with ½ cup ice. Blend until frothy. Pour the blend into a chilled highball glass and garnish with fresh raspberries. 
Tequila & Tonic
2oz Tequila
½ oz lime or lemon juice
About 6oz tonic water, chilled
1 stripe lime or lemon peel
Fill a highball glass ¾ full with ice cubes. Add the tequila and lime or lemon juice. Top off the glass with tonic water and stir. Twist the lemon or lime peel over the drink & drop in.
Frozen Mexican Margarita 
Crushed ice
1 ½ oz tequila
1 oz Agavero
1oz lemon or lime juice
Lime slice
Coarse salt (optional)
Use 1 ½ to 2 scoops of crushed ice for each drink. Put the ice, tequila, triple sec and juice in a blender. Blend until slushy, but not too watery. Moisten the rim of a large chilled cocktail glass or wineglass with the lime slice. Coat the rim with coarse salt. Pour the contents of the blender into the prepared glass and garnish with the lime slice.
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  • Dianne Nichols

    Started enjoying this quite a few years ago while in Mexico. Do delighted I can enjoy year round by ordering.

    8th Jun 2018
  • LuTaz

    Do not be fooled by the wonderfully sweet taste, Agavero Tequila Liqueur is a genuine 100% tequila made from blue agave in Jalisco, Mexico. Infused with the essence of the Mexican Damiana flower, this is a lovely tequila for sipping or for mixed drinks. Highly recommended ...

    19th May 2018


    28th Feb 2018
  • Theresa A Pease

    Omg.. I found this Tequila when I was on a cruise. in Mexico.. actually not Tequila drinker at the time bought it for the bottle.. then cork got out bam .. love it

    23rd Dec 2017