Krug Collection 1988

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Wine Tasting Notes
Krug Collection represents the last bottles available of an exceptional past vintage, carefully stored in the Krug cellars. An absolute rarity, it is the ultimate expression of the legendary longevity of Krug champagnes.

The first fermentation in small oak casks, which naturally favours a slow, long evolution of the wine, means that Krug Vintages remain almost eternally fresh and lively. At the same time, they go through different lifecycles, during which the overall balance of the taste shifts as individual flavors become more intense. With Krug Collection, flavors such as roasted brioche, vanilla and caramel come to the fore, followed by dried fruit, honey and coffee, and later still truffles.

The experience of any Krug Collection depends both on the individual characteristics of the particular vintage and on the point it has reached in the aging process. For this reason, Krug Collection is endlessly surprising a true discovery.
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