Cupcake Lemon Chiffon Flavored Vodka 750ml

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Our goal in making our Cupcake Chiffon was to keep the clean, smooth and creamy signature of Cupcake Vodka Original, but add in the natural flavor of Lemon Chiffon. Like Original, we started with all natural grain. As always, we did not add artificial sweetners, so the flavor you taste is natural. Artificial flavors just can't give you the same appetizing aromas or honest taste that Cupcake is committed to.

We crafted our Chiffon flavor carefully. You'd think a lemon is a lemon, right? Nope. There are all kinds of lemons in all levels of ripeness. Not to mention lemon zest, lemon rind and even the floral hints you can get from lemon flowers. The goal in mind was to re-create the moment you bite into a lemon chiffon cupcake. Creamy and aromatic without losing the clean crispness of Original. We think we nailed it. Enjoy.

The lemon notes in the nose are very bright and compelling, like fresh lemon pie filling topped with lemon zest; the mouth retains the clean, gentle, mineral flavors of Cupcake Original Vodka.

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