50ml Mini Don Julio Reposado Tequila Rated 90-95

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Pale straw yellow hue; ideal clarity. The first two nosings offer savory scents of white pepper, dill, brine and spice; the third nosing adds a subtle note of dried herbs. The fourth and final sniffing, following eight minutes of aeration, highlights the dill with a background of vegetal brininess. The palate entry is smooth, silky and agave-sweet; the midpalate stage displays ripe, sweet flavors of butter, oil and black pepper. The finish is long, oily, a tad smoky and luscious. Faintly echoes the lighter single malts of Islay, say Bunnahabhain or Bruichladdich.(Wine Enthusiast)

This is aged in small oak barrels for a minimum of eight months. It has a natural golden amber color and a light, sweet character. Its aroma is complex and fruity with hints of chocolate. It is silky smooth with a smoky flavor and dark chocolate notes. (If you prefer, mix Don Julio Reposado with fresh lime juice for the perfect gimlet.)

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