Whisky In Bloom Young Single Malt Lightly Peated 750ml

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This is a special single malt blend of three cask types: ex-bourbon, ex-red wine STR and ex-Islay casks previously used to mature peated whisky from Isley in Scotland. The ex-Islay casks provide an additional layer of light peatiness and maritime aroma. Each of the different casks contributes a complexity to the spirit, balancing and refining the different flavors for an intricate, lightly peated Whisky in Bloom.

  • AROMA - A delicate peatiness together with a malty sweetness, oak, followed by a touch of sweetness of butter and honey.
  • PALATE - Light-bodied, notes of peaty smoke perdominate at first, accompanied by the sweet taste of dried fruit and honey.
  • FINISH - Long. The peaty note lingers in the mouth for a while, together with light oak flavors.
92 Proof

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