Tamdhu 12 Year Old Speyside Single Malt Scotch 750ml

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  • NOSE - Big, quite rich, yet sweetly Sherried. There are notes of allspice, raisin and date with a sprig of mint, before fruit cake and Sherried funkiness come in. Things progress through chocolate (fruit and nut) and the smell of new wellies (this is a positive), then tea bread with butter, and wet reeds. A drop of water brings out more earthy notes along with sweet fig and cinnamon.
  • PALATE - Soft and, like the nose, quite sweet. There's even a hint of vanilla at the start, before the dark fruits come in and it starts to grow in weight and chewiness before a late burst of citrus. There's a further burst of rich, cooked berry fruits. Water brings out roast almond, black cherry and coriander.
  • FINISH - Gingerbread and raisin.
  • CONCLUSION - A rock-solid, old-style, balanced, 12-year-old Sherried.
86 Proof

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