RumHaven Coconut Rum Liqueur 750ml

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This premium coconut rum liqueur with natural flavors is made with real coconut water and cane sugar to send your senses on a tropical vacation. Created by one of the best rum brands, experience an unforgettable natural flavor that is so refreshing it's like a drink with an ocean view. Get a boarding pass for your taste buds and enjoy a little taste of Haven.

80 Proof Rum

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  • Cassandra

    This rum is so much better than any others on the market. It goes down so smooth and there are so many different cocktail recipes you can make with it.

    5th Jul 2018
  • Heather

    The best coconut rum

    21st Mar 2018
  • Butterscotch Baby

    I'd bathe in this stuff while simultaneously drinking it, if I could. I wish someone local to me carried it so I could purchase more easily.

    16th Mar 2018
  • Wendy

    This rum is the smoothest I have found. You can't taste the alcohol. Really great drink..

    5th Sep 2017