Pat's Backcountry Beverages Carbonator Bottle

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The carbonator bottle's organic form feels like it belongs in your hand...because it does! This elegant little addition to your gear list is engineered with an emphasis on rugged durability and simplicity of use. In its more docile state, it functions as your standard run of the mill water bottle. However, when you decide to kick it into high gear and unleash the technology hiding under its hood, you get a burst of crisp refreshing carbonation to energize the beverage of your choice. So no matter how far your wander lust leads you down the trail of your next adventure, you can still indulge your thirst for carbonated refreshment!
8.75in tall
3.0625in diamater
3.625in wide cap at handle
9.02oz weight
-Each 50mL pouch makes one 16 oz pint (4 pack makes 64 oz growler equivalent)
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