Maker's Mark 2023 Limited Release BEP Bourbon 750ml

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This limited-release bourbon showcases the influence of Maker's unique, 110 barrel entry proof (also known as BEP). It was crafted to amplify the balanced wood sugars, softer tannins and lasting finish achieved with our low 110 BEP. Special finishing staves were used to amplify notes of vanilla and sweet spice that naturally occur from lower BEPs.

BEP is the fifth and final bourbon in this chapter of the Wood Finishing Series. Be sure to keep an eye out for our next series.
  • Aroma - Toasty vanilla, subtle spice, caramel.
  • Taste - Bright, vanilla, brown sugar.
  • Finish - Medium body, balanced, rich caramel, dry baking spices.
  • Proof - 109.6
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