Honor del Castillo Reflexion Blanco Tequila 750ml

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Who is Reflexion: With a strong personality and living life to the fullest, you are now looking for balance. On occasions you have lived extremes but now you want real experiences with friends. It is the foundation of all of our Honor del Castillo family of tequilas. It represents the struggle we all live, and the balance that we pursue day after day.

Flavor & Aroma: The first sip immediately transports you to the aromas and flavors of agave; as we let the air in, it opens up with hints of mint, thyme, vanilla, citrus, and jasmine. It is a mild tequila with a long finish that leaves a slightly spicy taste which invites you to taste again. A tequila with a very honest nose, delivering what it promises.

80 Proof

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