Hess Select Monterey Chardonnay 2019

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“One of the things I enjoy when I’m visiting with wine drinkers at festivals all around the country is the obvious pleasure people have when they tell me ‘I really love the green label chardonnay, it’s our house white’. That means my mission is clear: don’t screw up a good thing. Happily, this wine makes keeping people happy very easy. Monterey’s combination of moderate climate and marine influences from the Pacific Ocean keep the grapes on an even keel, able to develop fully ripe flavors that tend to show some lemon and lime zest, a touch of ripe apple and tropical aromas and flavors. We call it crisp and clean, with well balanced acids. You might just call it, well, your fave. I won’t object, and in fact, I might just cheer.” - Dave Guffy, Winemaker

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  • Sean

    Though this would just be an average chard, but it was better than we expected!

    14th Aug 2018
  • Frank

    Great warm weather wine

    14th Aug 2018