Dutton-Goldfield Rued Vineyard Chardonnay 2017 Rated 94WE

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Wine Enthusiast Review
Rated 94
Sourced from a vineyard site surrounded by redwood trees and cool, coastal air, this wine opens in a beautiful invitation of stone, nutmeg and white flowers. A sea spray note hits the palate as pear, lemon and lime flavors take hold and develop a surprising creaminess on the long finish.

Wine Tasting Notes
The wine is concentrated candy for adults: the nose of pear, mango and tangerine fruit, with tones of toffee, ginger, mineral and honeydew lure you in, while focused flavors of lychee, melon and lime keep you coming back. We prize Rued for its cleansing phenolic edge and bright acidity which balances its lushness, and carries the pear, apple and buttercream finish. You will be rewarded by letting it open up in the glass, not to mention aging for many years to come.
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