Clase Azul Tequila

If you're looking for ultra-premium tequila, you've come to the right place!

Here's a quick introduction to Clase Azul Tequila.

Get to know the history behind the Clase Azul brand, how the tequila is made, and the magic behind the iconic decanters.

The History Behind The Clase Azul Tequila Brand

What started 25 years ago as a dream quickly transformed into something more for the Clase Azul brand. Clase Azul has become an icon in the tequila realm.

In 1997, Arturo Lomeli decided he wanted to create a brand that pays homage to his Mexican culture through an ultra-premium tequila. The tequila brand has remained family-owned.

Inspired by Mexico, the land, and the traditions, Clase Azul is made to represent the culture. From the handcrafted decanters to the exquisite tequila, the tequila brand's production has continued to double year to year. The Clase Azul Tequila collection has grown quite a bit since its start 25 years ago.

Clase Azul has quite the lineup in its collection. Here's a breakdown of the Clase Azul brand:


  • Clase Azul Reposado Tequila

  • Clase Azul Plata Tequila

  • Clase Azul Gold Tequila

  • Clase Azul Añejo Tequila


  • Clase Azul Mezcal Guerrero

  • Clase Azul Mezcal Durango

For the CONNOISSEURS & Collectors

  • Clase Azul Ultra Extra Añejo Tequila

  • Clase Azul Añejo Día De Muertos Tequila

  • Clase Azul Joven Tequila

  • Clase Azul 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Reposado Tequila

How It's Made

You might be asking yourself, what makes Clase Azul so special?

Well, Clase Azul is made from 100% Blue Weber Agave from the Los Altos de Jalisco region. More specifically, Clase Azul is slow-cooked with Tequilana Weber Blue Agave.

The process of making tequila is lengthy, starting from the harvest and on through to the fermentation. Clase Azul is double distilled in copper stills, bringing out the distinctive notes in the tequila.

Each of the Clase Azul tequilas goes through a different process, but here's a bit about what the Clase Azul Tequila Reposado process looks like. Clase Azul Reposado is aged for eight months and gets its exceptional flavor from American Whiskey casks. With notes of hazelnut and vanilla, the Clase Azul Reposado has a refined, smooth finish with complex aromas. The Reposado comes in the iconic white and blue decanter that's decorated to perfection.

Each Clase Azul Tequila uses different casks in its tequila-making process. Some use oak barrels, others use French oak casks, and others use sherry casks.

The Iconic Decanters

Making the Clase Azul Decanters takes around seven days to complete. Let's take a look at what each day consists of.

A clay powder mixture is mixed and poured into molds on the first day. On the second day, after the decanters are removed from the molds with extreme care, the pieces are polished to perfection before baking. On the third day, you guessed it, the decanters move into the kiln for baking at very high temperatures. On the fourth day, the decanters are glazed. On the fifth day, the decanters are painted. On the sixth day, the painted decanters fired once again. And finally, on the seventh day, the decanters are quality checked.

The iconic ceramic decanters we all know and love are hand-painted by skilled Mexican artisans. It takes an incredible amount of skill and control for artisans to master each brushstroke to create a spectacular decanter each and every time. Clase Azul wanted the decanters to be seen as tributes to the Mexican culture.

Mexican culture inspires each decanter's design. Take the Clase Azul Mezcal Guerrero for example. This decanter specifically is inspired by Mexican women. It takes their "tender nature" and their "warrior spirit" to create something beautiful. The color of the decanter represents jade, and jade represents eternity.

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