Burnside Oregon Oaked Rye Whiskey 750ml

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Burnside Oregon Oaked Rye is the world's first rye whiskey aged in Quercus Garryana. The finished spirit is a meticulous blend of straight ryes and straight whiskeys ranging in age, mash-bill and distillation style; each with a distinctive flavor that when blended, creates an expression as unique as the city it was born in.
  • Nose: Herbaceous with cassia and coriander, toffee, orange peel, peach, and allspice.
  • Flavor: Opens with pronounced dried spices and bold peach notes. Progresses mid-palate to a unique balance of malt and cassia and toffee then finishes with warm hints of mint and toasted oak. A unique flavor experience like no other - spiced, sweet, balanced and full-bodied. Distinctly Portland.
92 Proof
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  • 5

    Completely unexpected quality for the price. Rye is complex, somewhat fruity and super smooth! My new go-to and out of Portland!

    1st Jun 2020