Burnside Oregon Oaked Bourbon 750ml

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Burnside Oregon Oaked Bourbon from Eastside Distilling in Portland, Oregon is a blended Bourbon Whiskey, balanced, robust, and sweet. Combines big, bold flavors of 4-year bourbon with quaffable younger whiskeys. Gently charred oak complements bourbon's vanilla notes with a dessert wash on the palate.
  • Nose: Moderate woodiness with caramel undertones and orange citrus.
  • Flavor: White oak, vanilla, citrus rind and stone fruit. Sugared toast and butterscotch mid-palate. On rocks, hints of dense vanilla and caramel.
92 Proof
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  • Michael

    Been around the bourbon block a time or 2 and this might be the best bourbon I've ever had

    23rd Jul 2020
  • James Ferguson

    I have become a 100% Burnside user! Awesome taste, smooth, a little sweetness and works wonderfully with coke (Pepsi, Diet, Root Beer etc). I cannot express how great this product is. Tried it firsts in Portland and I will never go back to the "ordinary" whiskey or bourbon again!! You won't be disappointed!

    16th Apr 2020