Bols Genever Barrel-Aged Amsterdam Gin 1L

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Bols Genever Barrel-Aged is the authentic aged Genever from Amsterdam, blended to perfection. For the true connoisseur, Bols Barrel Aged Genever is a limited production that is stored for over two years in oak casks from the French Limousin region. These barrels impart a pale golden color and a rich, oaky, sweet flavor to the genever. The heart of every quality Genever is malt wine - a rye, wheat and corn distillate triple distilled in copper pot stills, that is then blended with a unique bouquet of traditional Genever botanicals (hops, cloves, anise, licorice, ginger, juniper amongst many others).During the maturation process, the precious distillate undergoes a substantial change in color, fragrance and flavor under the influence of the young wood.
84 Proof

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  • Zeron

    Very much like the dark whiskeys not sure which whiskey is prominent in it's taste, but that's what I taste. I probably will not order again. Maybe you can recommend a barrel aged gin that is aged in (maybe charcoal or neutral barrel aged Gin).

    1st Sep 2017