22nd March, 2022

What Experts Say About Uncle Nearest Whiskey

What Experts Say About Uncle Nearest Whiskey-cover

If you are a whiskey fan, you have probably heard of Uncle Nearest Whiskey, the brand inspired by and dedicated to the techniques of the greatest whiskey maker the world has ever known. This American whiskey brand from Tennessee saw its launch in July 2017 and has since won numerous awards while taking the market by storm. Anyone with a love of history should surely try this bold and storied whiskey.

Uncle Nearest premium whiskey was named to honor Nearest Green and his outstanding contributions to the whiskey industry as the first known African-American master distiller. His story is one of the most remarkable in history, yet is unfortunately not well-known.

Nearest Green began distilling whiskey while enslaved on a farm. From the very onset, Nearest was exceptionally skilled. He developed a unique process involving sugar maple charcoal filtering that gave his whiskey a distinctly smooth taste. To date, Uncle Nearest Whiskey makers still use the process in order to be able to offer fans the same great taste that's been around since the 1850s.

Fortunately, you can be part of preserving the rich history by tryingUncle Nearest for yourself. But first, let's learn what experts say regarding the whiskey's origin and taste, and how you can get your hands on the whiskey.

What Is Uncle Nearest Whiskey History?

The whiskey is a legacy whose inspiration is attributed to the renowned whiskey maker Nathan "Nearest" Green, the first African-American master distiller. Nearest made history by becoming the first black American master distiller for Jack Daniel distillery, a title that put his name on a record in the United States. He was a great man who passed his sharp distilling skills on to the next generation.

Nearest Green wholeheartedly taught a young Jack Daniel the craft of excellent distilling. His talents have seen Jack Daniel Distillery make a name for itself and become one of the most well-known whiskeys in the world. Today, people refer to Nearest as the godfather of Tennessee whiskey and the best whiskey distiller there ever was.

Uncle Nearest, Inc., located in Shelbyville City, Tennessee, is the proud owner of the famous Nearest Green Distillery and Premium Nearest Whiskeys. Many people attribute the rapid growth and ability to penetrate the market in all 50 states and 12 countries to a become prominent and well-renowned brand within the first two years to the entrepreneur, Fawn Weaver.

To honor the great Nearest Green, Fawn Weaver created the whiskey brand in his name. She accomplished this by undertaking vigorous research and sourcing quality barrels to create a something as close as possible to what the renowned whiskey maker made when he was an enslaved distiller. The Tennessee whiskey is made with a distinctive sugar maple charcoal filtering, giving it a taste almost identical to what Nearest produced.

Uncle Nearest has produced five brand variants by 2020. The brands include:

  • Uncle Nearest 1884 Tennessee Whiskey
  • Nathan Green 1870 Single Barrel (UK)
  • Uncle Nearest 1820 Premium-Aged Whiskey
  • Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Whiskey (silver)
  • Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Whiskey (aged)

Does Jack Daniels Own Uncle Nearest Whiskey?

A rich history associates Nearest Green with Jack Daniel. However, Uncle Nearest Whiskey is actually owned by Uncle Nearest, Inc., as mentioned earlier. Nearest started out as an enslaved distiller inLincoln County for a country preacher. After abolition, Nearest continued working at the distillery as a free man. A young boy, Jack Daniel, became an orphan at a tender age and moved to the farm to make a living. His curiosity to know what was going on in a smokey building out back led to him becoming a Tennessee whiskey legend.

Nearest taught the young boy everything he knew about distilling, especially the sugar maple charcoal filtering. As years went by, the Jack Daniel started making his own whiskey that became very popular over time. He later bought the preacher's shares and renamed the distillery after himself. Today, Jack Daniel distillery is a renowned Tennessee whiskey distiller, thanks to the unique filtration process Nearest Green taught him.

Is Uncle Nearest a Good Brand?

Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey is undoubtedly one of the best brands distilled on American soil. It is the most awarded American whiskey and has scooped over 370 accolades and awards worldwide. The achievement means that the brand has grown steadily, and fans worldwide are enjoying smooth and elegant drinks from the best whiskey maker.

Here are some of the awards the brand won in the first four years since its inception.

  • The Spirit Brand Of The Year- Wine Enthusiast
  • Master Blender Of The Year- The Whiskey Magazine
  • Double Gold Award- 2020 San Francisco World Spirit Competition
  • Chairman's Trophy Platinum and Double Gold- Sip Awards
  • World's Best (won in 2019 and 2020)- World Whiskies Award by Whisky Magazine
  • The Gold Medal- The New York World Wine
  • Top 5 Whiskeys- Cigar & Spirits Magazine

How Does Uncle Nearest Tennessee Whiskey Brands Taste?

Uncle Nearest whiskeys are high-proof American whiskeys produced after intensive research dedicated to making them a top-notch product. One of the most popular whiskeys is Uncle Nearest 1856, a Tennessee whiskey that is100 proof, meaning it contains 50% alcohol.

Gentle sipping of the product gives drinkers a smooth and satisfying taste. But how exactly does it taste? Uncle Nearest is a bold, spicy blend of perfectly aged whiskey with incredible cocoa flavors, vanilla, and dominating oak.

Uncle Nearest Tennessee whiskey has a beautiful deep golden hue and caramel color. Before the drink even reaches the mouth, the appealing smell to the nose increases the urge to make the first sip. The notes of caramel corn, vanilla, and ripe stone fruit have become the attraction point for many drinkers.

In addition, the brand has a slight smoky flavor and some hints of oak that further open the sweet caramel, spicy pepper, and cocoa. The brand is aged in oak barrels, a deliberate move that ensures its structure, flavor, and aroma bring out the desired smoky taste.

The finish is distinctively long and full of flavor. It lingers pleasantly sweet, the way most drinkers like their whiskey. There is a smoky feel of pepper spice and oak at the back of the throat while a soft tobacco bite emerges. Notably, other drinkers experience a medium-to-short end with a considerable dominance of chocolate, vanilla, and oak.

What Makes Uncle Nearest Whiskey Stand Out?

Uncle Nearest Whiskey stands out from the rest due to its handcrafted, 11-step process that lasts for 25 days. Unlike other manufacturers who have automated the distilling process, Uncle Nearest is handmade, giving the process a human touch and making all the difference.

The makers trust that human touch and smell when creating the whiskey, from checking the barrel quality to distilling and bottling. The move has made the brand distance itself from the rest in quality and customer satisfaction. Additionally, the makers adopted the charcoal filtration method from the legendary Nearest Green that efficiently removes impurities, making the whiskey bright and clear once bottled.

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