16th July, 2019

Perfect Summer Spirits

Summer Drinks
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Summer is in full swing as jeans turn to shorts, boots turn to sandals, and coats turn into beach towels. Along with the change in season comes countless BBQs, parties, and get-togethers. What is one to serve and/or drink at these summer gatherings? A classic summer cocktail should be refreshing and light. It should serve as a cooling aid in the hot summer sun. And it must be boozy. Thankfully, there are enough summer spirits to keep the season’s cup interesting. Here’s our list for the best summer spirits!

Gin is a go-to summer drink. It is light, floral, fruity, and/or botanical and it is perfectly at home in a plethora of fizzy, refreshing mixers. You can use it in a classic Gin and Tonic, a refreshing Tom Collins, or a cool martini — an excellent summer substitute for a Manhattan.

Perfect summer Gins: TanquerayBeefeaterPlymouth

Tequila makes a quintessential summer cocktail: the Margarita. The Margarita conjures images of the beach, palm trees, fish tacos, and more summer fun. Most margarita recipes use blanco tequila, but using reposado tequila adds more flavor and body to the cocktail. The refreshing citrus in a tequila helps keep the sun at bay. Try the Margarita’s cousin cocktail, the Paloma. Fruity and refreshing this cocktail is an excellent addition to any summer bar.

Perfect summer Tequilas: Don JulioSiete LenguasCasamigos

Rum may be the most fitting spirit for summer. With its many tropical flavors and cocktails, it should be a mainstay for any summer get together. Daquiris, Mojitos, Cuba Libres, and Dark and Stormys are all excellent summer drinks. Keep the island vibes going by switching up the style of rum you use for each cocktail. Try Jamaican rum, Venezuelan rum, Puerto Rican rum, Cuban rum, white rum, spiced rum, aged rum. There are endless choices.

Perfect summer rums: Captain MorganZayaDon Q

Vodka may not be very well associated with summer but it does make one of the most refreshing cocktails around: the Moscow Mule. This perfect mixture of lime, vodka, and ginger beer is a cool, light, and effervescent drink that, if served in the traditional copper mug, will stay ice cold for a long time.

Perfect Summer Vodkas: Black CowTito’sTrust Me

This brown spirit may not be the first spirit to pop into one’s head when thinking about summer, but it does make some cold, refreshing cocktails, like the Mint Julep and the Bourbon Smash. Both drinks are piled high with ice the ensure temperature control on a hot day. And, let’s face it, bourbon is perfect in a cocktail or on its own all year round.

Perfect Summer Bourbons: Woodford ReserveMaker’s MarkOld Forester