4th June, 2019

Black Cow Vodka Recommits to Sustainability with New Flavored Bottling

Black Cow Vodka
Strawberry Vodka
Black Cow Vodka Recommits to Sustainability with New Flavored Bottling-cover

Black Cow is reinforcing its commitment to sustainability and the issue of food waste with its first flavored expression.

Black Cow Vodka & English Stawberries uses locally-sourced strawberries that are either left over or too misshapen for sale in the UK grocers and farm shops. The seasonal edition has been produced in a limited run for the first 2019 production.

The new bottling is made using only strawberries to flavor the vodka, with no added sugar or sweeteners. The berries are pressed and infused in Black Cow Vodka for four days before being filtered and hand bottled at the distillery.

Founders Paul Archard and Jason Barber said: “Having always used leftover produce which would otherwise go to waste to create Black Cow Vodka, this strawberry variant enables us to reduce waste further while creating a delicious new flavor perfect for the summer.”

Black Cow Vodka was first launched by Paul Archard and dairy farmer Jason Barber in 2012 and it is the only vodka made entirely from the whey found in grass-grazed cow’s milk left over from the cheese-making process. This is fermented to convert the milk sugars into alcohol that is distilled, blended and filtered through coconut-shell charcoal, to produce an “exceptionally smooth” vodka with a unique creamy character.