15th April, 2022

Benefits of Buying Wine and Alcohol Online

Buy Alcohol Online
Buy Wine Online
Buying Alcohol Online
Buying Wine Online
Benefits of Buying Wine and Alcohol Online -cover

According to a 2019 national survey published by the Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality, nearly 70% of all adults age 21 and older enjoyed an alcoholic beverage over the preceding year.

Yet, the challenges of the global pandemic, combined with a shift in consumer shopping behavior online, made finding the perfect libations a struggle.

Since its inception, Liquorama has remained committed to making access to beer, wine and liquor safe, affordable, and convenient. More than that, Liquorama is dedicated to making the shopping experience one that customers will remember for all the right reasons.

This quarter Liquorama discusses the benefits of buying wine and alcohol online, as well as its continued efforts to adapt to the evolving needs of its customers, always looking for unique and innovative ways to give back.

The Benefits of Buying Wine and Alcohol Online

Over 8 billion gallons of alcohol are enjoyed yearly in the United States, from a delectable glass of rare wine, to a crisp cold brew or lively spirit. With Liquorama, consumers can enjoy more than just their favorite beverages, but a host of other benefits that come with buying wine and alcohol online.

1. Convenience

Perhaps the most obvious benefit for customers is the convenience of being able to order alcohol from the comfort of their own home (or anywhere with an internet connection). No more commute time, wasting gas, and walking up and down aisles searching for the perfect brew.

2. Savings and Value Abound

Purchasing online can end up saving customers big. From an incredible loyalty program, to online only specials and seasonal deals. More than that, Liquorama offers online price matching, and discounts just for signing up to its newsletter.

3. Proprietary Liquor and Wine Recommendation Engine

Recently, Liquorama has developed a Proprietary Liquor and Wine Recommendation Engine. This recommendation engine is engineered to learn about customers' interests, preferences, and purchase habits, seeking to uncover patterns in consumer behavior, and using this data to provide liquor, wine, and beer suggestions custom-tailored to that individual customer.

4. An Incredible Selection of Alcohol Just a Few Clicks Away

Shopping online at Liquorama gives customers unparalleled access to the store's entire inventory of products. This undeniably robust selection includes all the favorites, along with hard-to-find products in high demand.

5. An Easier Way to Explore Thousands of Products

Designed to be both intuitive and enjoyable to browse, Liqorama's website is a fun and quick way to sort and browse through thousands of products without the tedious and time-consuming task of doing it in person.

With a few clicks, customers can sort products by:

Wine (sorted by 8+ types)

Beer (sorted by 40+ types)


Country of origin

Non-alcoholic options


Featured products

Sales and deals


And more…

6. Learn More About Different Brands and Beverages

Liquorama's website is also a fantastic educational resource. There customers can find a wealth of information about each product, type of beverage, ways to serve, recipes, best pairings and more.

7. Access to Rare and Difficult to Find Products

Shopping online often gives customers access to a larger inventory of products, including those that are difficult to find. Customers can also make requests for certain products, get on a waitlist, or be notified of upcoming shipments to reserve their purchase before it sells out.