Beluga Transatlantic Racing Russian Vodka 750ml Etch

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We were proud to craft the collector's line of Beluga Transatlantic Racing in honor of The Russian Yachting Team, which has achieved brilliant victories at a number of prestigious competitions in the Mediterranean and Atlantic Regattas. The recipe of this kind of Beluga differs from other vodkas in the Beluga constellation: In the process of filtration, the spirit passes through natural cotton.

The resting period is increased to 45 days, making its taste even more delicate. Such treatment results in a fresh aftertaste and the elite smoothness of Beluga Transatlantic Racing. The bottle's design clearly reflects marine motifs: The label features a golden anchor on a deep navy-blue background. There is also a little Beluga fish on the bottle's neck in shiny gold.

80 Proof

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