The Coppola Family Ada Lovelace California Gin 750ml

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We have crafted a gin that pays homage to the great English-style gins of Lady Ada Lovelace's era, with a forward-thinking Code of 10 Botanicals, some of which may be found at our wine estates in Napa and Sonoma, along with pure spring water from our Napa estate. It is a gin that is inspired by the innovators of the past, present, and future. Classic London dry feel with balanced aromas of Italian juniper berries, lavender, summer roses, ripe tangerines and Meyer citrus blossoms. Full-bodied on entry, mid-palate Turkish delight sweets, orris root and candied ginger finish, balancing floral aromas with earthly Rutherford dust base.

80 Proof
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  • NJA

    This is a good solid Gin with nice flavor. I liken it to The Botanist for comparison. Love the tribute to Ada Lovelace, as a computer programmer that is really cool to see.

    15th Jan 2021